Embedding More Detailed Online Forms on Your Website

If your website's contact form doesn't meet the specific needs of your church, you can also embed a third-party form on your site. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps on how to embed a form onto a page on your Tithely Site.

Elvanto Forms 

Looking to Embed an Elvanto Form? See Elvanto Forms

Breeze Forms

Looking to Embed a Breeze Form? See Sharing a Breeze Form.  

Third-Party Forms

For more complex and detailed forms, you can use a free third-party form builder and then simply embed the form onto a page on your site. Some form builders we suggest are:

For event registration, you can also try Tithely Event Registration.

After you've selected a form builder platform, sign up and create your form. Once you have your form created, you will need to find the HTML embed code for your form. This code will allow you to embed the form onto your Tithely Site.

Embed the Form

To embed the form onto your Tithely Site, follow the steps on how to Embed a Form, Video, or Other Widget onto a Page Using the Source Code.

That's it! Your third-party form should now be embedded onto your Tithely Site, and visitors can fill out the form directly on your website. By embedding a third-party form, you can easily customize and tailor your form to fit the specific needs of your church or organization.