Embedding a Form, Video or Other Widget Onto a Page Using the Source Code

This guide offers a straightforward approach to embedding forms, videos, or widgets onto a webpage using source code within the Tithely site.

On your website, you can embed a form, YouTube/Vimeo video, widget, Google calendar or other sort of code onto a number of different pages. 

Once you have the code for either your form or other widget from your external source (ie. Eventbrite, PayPal, Wufoo Forms etc), you can embed this code onto a page by editing the page and clicking the 'Source code' button in the text editor. 

From here, you can choose where you want to embed this code on the page, and paste it in. In the example below, you can see that a YouTube embed code has been pasted in the source code area. 

Once it has been pasted in, click 'OK' and then save your page to see the changes. 

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer and are having issues embedding a video, form or widget on a page, try using another browser such as Chrome as we have noticed Internet Explorer tends to have issues when trying to embed something on a page.

When you are given a widget or snippet of "code" from an external source (ie. Eventbrite, PayPal, etc) you can paste this on to the page you want by clicking the Source Code button in the text editor.

Embedding Elvanto's Group Finder

When the Group Finder was first released, you could only put a link to your Elvanto homepage where people could click on the Group Finder, and you had to make sure the homepage was enabled to be accessible to guests. Now you can embed the Group Finder from Elvanto directly onto your website.

First go to Settings > Groups > Group Finder tab. There you will find the section called "Embed Code" where you will see the frame text in red below. Before you copy this over to your site, be sure to scroll down and enable any filters you want in place to be used by those visiting your website. Anything you set in this area will be reflected in the embedded Group Finder.

Once you have that all decided and enabled accordingly, highlight and copy the iFrame text from this Elvanto page. You will then want to go to your Tithe.ly site (or any other website you're using) and paste the iFrame text in the source area. For a Tithe.ly Site, this will be done using the same instructions above.



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