Account Deletion Within Apps

o meet Apple App Store requirements in the summer of 2022, we added the ability for users of a church app to delete their account. This action not only applies to user and profile information within the App but across Tithely products.

Who can delete an account within a church app?

Anyone who has a login to the church app and is not a Primary Admin or Account Owner of the church app, can delete their account. If you are a Primary Admin or Account Owner for an app and would like to delete your account, please reach out to the Tithely Customer Experience team.

Is there a difference between my Church App User and my Giving Account User?

No. Your giving account login and your church app login are the same. If you delete your church app user you will also delete your giving account user.

What happens when an account is deleted from a church app?

The following things take place when a user deletes their App account:

  1. The user is logged out of the App.

  2. The login information for a user is removed (username, email, and password).

  3. We remove app-related data and activity that has been stored for that user (chat history, sermon notes, sermon listening progress, etc.).

  4. Any recurring donations for that person are stopped.

  5. A "Request for Removal" request will be sent to the Primary Admin of the connected Tithely account. This request informs the church that they should remove their saved data from their database. See Requests for Removal in People for more information.

Will someone who deletes their giving account still receive a tax statement?

Yes, even with a deleted giving account, that person will still receive a tax statement at the end of the year.

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