Setting up an iTunes Podcast

Every Tithely Site with the Sermon Player Feature comes built-in with a Podcast feed ready for iTunes. 

Important Notes:

Stage 1: In Tithely Sites, Create a New Podcast or Collect Your RSS Feed for an Existing Podcast.

  1. Login to your Tithely account and select Sites from the left menu. Or login to your site directly.
  2. Click on the Admin button at the top right of your website and select Content from the dropdown.
  3. Select Podcasts from the menu down the left side.
  4. Click Add Podcast.
    If you are setting up iTunes for an existing podcast, skip to step 7. 
  5. Enter your Podcast fields.
  6. Click Save Settings.
    Congrats! You've successfully created an additional podcast and can start uploading your audio records and video links.
  7. Now let's collect your RSS feed to submit to iTunes.
    On your podcast page, click the FAB (edit pencil) and select View RSS.Screen_Shot_2022-07-05_at_12.48.42_PM.png
  8. A new tab will open with your RSS feed, copy the URL. 

Stage 2: In ITunes

  1. Using Podcasts Connect, submit or remove your podcast to the iTunes Store.
    Note: You will have to log onto your Apple ID in order to submit your podcast.
  2. Click the "+" sign in the left corner and paste in your RSS feed from your Tithely site. 
    To collect your RSS feed refer to step 7 above.
  3. First, validate your feed to make sure there are no errors and if not, then you can submit your feed to iTunes.
  4. Once your feed has been validated, click the button that says Link to Your Podcast RSS Feed.
    That's it! Now you will need to wait a few days while iTunes approves your podcast. They will email you directly once it has been approved.

Please note: iTunes will not accept episodes with only video. You must also upload an audio file. 

If you are having issues submitting your podcast to iTunes, you can contact them directly at to ask them to send you the specific errors to fix.

User Permissions needed to access Sites
Account Owner, Admin, Limited Acess User with permissions granted for Sites, or Admin Permissions granted directly on the Tithely Site. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.