Tithely Sites Integrations: Giving & Church Apps

Sites can currently integrate with Tithely Giving, and Apps.

Integration with Tithely Giving

When you sign up with Tithely Sites, your Giving account will automatically connect to your website.

A pre-built giving page is added to every Tithely Site with the giving button added to the page.
The giving block is also automatically linked to your Giving account and allows you to easily add a giving button on any page of the site.

Integration with Tithely Apps

Once you launch your website, connect the applicable feeds from your new Tithely Site to your Tithely App:

  • Sermons | yourdomain.com/podcasts/media.rss (this may vary if you have multiple podcasts set up on your website)

  • Events | yourdomain.com/events.ics

  • News | yourdomain.com/news.rss

  • Blog | yourdomain.com/blog.rss

Live Stream | Click here for details on how to integrate your Sites Live Stream on your Tithely App.