Understanding why the "Login From New Device" Email is sent from Tithe.ly

We have recently added alerts for logins detected from new locations for Church Administrators. This email notification is another additional security measure we’re taking to ensure your account is kept safe and serves as an alert to any potentially suspicious account activity.


Things to Note for Account Admins

This email might be sent to you if you have accessed your account from a new computer or mobile device that hasn't been used before to log in. 

Note: The sign-in location indicated in the email relies on the IP address of your device and might not precisely correspond to your current location.
The timestamp of the login is presented in GMT time. You may use this timezone converter tool to gain more clarity regarding the login time. 


Important Actions to Take

  • If you recognize the login activity described in the email, no further action is required.
  • If you do not recognize the login, we recommend reviewing your account:
    • In case you are using your account email and password to access Tithe.ly, please change your password immediately.
    • Please review the corresponding document, if you are signing in using Google or Apple to ensure your Google or Apple accounts integrity and to change your password. 


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