Updating Your Email For Passwordless Login

Experience seamless and secure sign-ins with Tithely's Passwordless Login feature, which simplifies your access without the traditional password entry. It's vital to ensure the email linked to your Tithely account is active and exclusively yours, as access to this email grants entry to your Tithely account.


How to Update Your Email Address

  1. Log into Tithely.
  2. Select Global Settings.
  3. Select My Account.
  4. Under the Core Info tab select your current Email.
  5. Enter your new Email. 
  6. Select Save.
  7. Confirm your password in the pop up box. 
  8. Select Confirm.
    Note: Your email will be updated immediately and your old email will not longer work to access your account. 

For more information on updating your account check out our article Updating Your My Account Area.

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