Managing Communication Preferences in Tithely Messaging

Ensuring that your community can manage how they receive communications from your church is a key aspect of respecting their preferences and maintaining effective engagement. Tithely Messaging provides the flexibility for individuals to tailor their communication preferences, with an essential safeguard for certain types of messages.

How Unsubscribing Works:

  • Communication Preferences: Individuals have the autonomy to select the types of scheduled messaging they wish to receive, empowering them with control over the communications they find most relevant.
  • System Messages Exception: The only exception to this rule involves System Messages, which are crucial account-related communications. These may include notifications like password resets, account updates, and other essential information that cannot be opted out of to ensure the security and functionality of user accounts.

Ensuring Opt-Out Options Are Available:

  • Automated Unsubscribe Feature: For email communications, the option for recipients to unsubscribe is automatically included in the default template for all simple emails. This ensures that individuals can easily manage their preferences directly from any email they receive.
  • Text Message Unsubscribing: Recipients of text messages can opt out by simply replying with the word "STOP." This action will remove them from future SMS blasts, aligning with best practices for text communication.
  • Manual Unsubscribe Link Insertion: In instances where the unsubscribe link does not appear automatically at the bottom of an email message, you can manually insert it by adding the placeholder {unsubscribe_link} to your message template. This ensures that the unsubscribe option is consistently available, respecting the preferences of your community.


Tithely Messaging's unsubscribe feature is designed to balance the need for churches to communicate effectively with their community while respecting individual preferences for receiving messages. By providing clear options for unsubscribing and ensuring that essential system messages remain undisturbed, Tithely helps maintain a respectful and effective communication environment for all.

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