How to Duplicate a Previous Email Blast in Tithely Messaging

In the dynamic world of church communication, Tithely Messaging offers a powerful tool for staying connected with your congregation. To streamline your efforts and save time, duplicating a previous blast email can be incredibly useful. This feature allows you to quickly replicate an existing message, make any necessary adjustments, and either save it as a new template or send it immediately. Follow these simple steps to duplicate a blast email within Tithely Messaging, enhancing your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Steps to Duplicate a Blast Email:

  1. Log into Your Tithely Account.
  2. Select Messaging from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Blasts in the left-side menu.
  4. Look for the blast email you wish to duplicate and click the three dots located on the far right of the blast's row.
  5. From the options that appear, select Duplicate to create a copy of the blast.
  6. You now have the opportunity to make any desired changes to the duplicate.
  7. Once satisfied, you can save your work as a template for future use or proceed to send the newly drafted email.

By leveraging the duplication feature, you can efficiently manage your email communication strategy, ensuring consistent messaging while adapting to new content needs or updates. This process not only saves valuable time but also maintains the quality and relevance of your church's communications.





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