My scheduled emails are sending immediately and show they were sent on 12/31/1969

Encountering unexpected hiccups in email scheduling can disrupt your communication plans. If you find your scheduled emails sending immediately and displaying a mysterious date of 12/31/1969, fret not. Our guide is here to assist you in resolving this perplexing issue swiftly.

Steps to Fix the Issue:

  1. Update Your Operating System:

    • If you are using Safari as your browser, the first step is to update your MacOS or iOS to the latest version. Often, this issue is linked to an outdated operating system.
  2. Reschedule Your Email:

    • After updating your OS (Operating System), try scheduling your email once more using Safari. Alternatively, you can use a different internet browser like Chrome.
  3. Verify the Email History:

    • To check if the rescheduling was successful, go to your Account Settings. Navigate to History > Email to review the status of your scheduled email.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully schedule your emails without them being sent out prematurely.