AI In Messaging

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a very powerful tool that is available to create text and graphics for you! All you need to do is describe what you want and the AI will generate either a text or image for you. In this article, we are going to learn the best practices and how to use this feature in messaging.

User Permissions needed to access Messaging
Account Owner, Admin, or Limited Access with access granted to Messaging. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.

Getting Started 

  1. Log into Tithely.
  2. Select Messaging.
  3. Select Blasts. 
  4. Select Create New Blast.
  5. Select Drag & Drop Email.
    AI is only available for Drag & Drop Emails. 
  6. Enter a Blast Name.
  7. Select Continue to Content.
  8. Edit Details.
  9. Select which groups to send your blast to under Select Groups.
  10. Enter a Subject line under the Content section.
  11. Select Choose Template.
  12. Select either a Featured Template or use a saved template under the My Saved Templates.
    AI Header, images, button.png
    AI is available for Headings, Images, and Buttons only.
  13. Drag and drop your selected content or click to edit content in your template. 
    • AI Images

      1. Select an image or image block 
      2. Select Generate Images.
      3. Describe what you would like the AI to generate for you. 
        Note: You are able to describe content and style. "Small group, pop art" would deliver an image of a small group in the style of pop art.
      4. Select Generate Images.
      5. Hover over the image you would like to use and select Use Image or select Generate Images again to generate a new set of images.
    • AI Text

      1. Select a Header or Header block 
      2. Select Get Suggestions.
      3. Describe what you would like the AI to generate for you. 
        Note: Describe what you would like in two words or more. 
      4. Select the Suggested Text you would like to use or select Refresh for more options.
        Note: You can adjust the Tone of your text by using the Tone drop down option. Your tone options are:
        • Friendly
        • Luxury
        • Relaxed
        • Professional 
        • Bold
        • Witty
  14. Once your email is ready select Save Content.
  15. Select to Save Draft, Send Later, or Send Now.

You're now able to utilize the convenience of AI in your email blasts!

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