Why can I login to my cancelled Tithely account?

Upon canceling your Tithely account, you might find that you're still able to log in. This can be puzzling, but there's a straightforward reason behind it. Let's explore why your account remains accessible even after you've gone through the cancellation process.

Financial Records Retention

Tithely is committed to maintaining accurate financial records. If any transactions have occurred through your account—whether donations, payments, or other forms of transactions—these records must be preserved. It's not just a matter of record-keeping; it's a legal requirement for financial transparency and auditing purposes.

Why Not Delete Completely?

The retention of financial records is a common practice across financial platforms. Here's why Tithely follows this protocol:

  • Tax Purposes: Both your church and donors may need access to past transaction records for tax filing and verification.
  • Financial Analysis: You might need to look back on financial trends or reports for your church's administrative purposes.
  • Legal Obligations: Retaining financial records for a certain period is legally required in many jurisdictions.