How are Credit Card & ACH Deposits Created?

Learn how credit card and ACH deposits are processed with this insightful article. Discover the intricacies behind the creation of deposits, including the role of payment gateways, banking systems, and transaction protocols. Gain clarity on the steps involved in facilitating these transactions and the factors influencing their speed and accuracy.

Historically, two separate deposits would be created for all Credit Card and ACH transactions, due to longer processing times for bank transfers. However, over the past several months, our team has been hard at work to implement updates using faster and more secure technology in order to process ACH  donations quicker.  

You may have already noticed ACH donations are settling much faster, because of the introduction of our new Giving Form as well as to all the background work to improve processing times. Please follow this guide, if you haven't already started using the new Giving Form, to also unlock the ability to process one-time ACH donations quicker.

As a result of faster processing times, customers can now expect for Credit Card and ACH donations to appear within a single deposit. This will also affect any batches sent through any of our Giving Integrations (such as Breeze, Elvanto, QBO, etc.) if the integration is set to "Deposit". 

Over the coming months we will be wrapping up all final work to ensure that all ACH recurring donations, new and old, will settle consistently faster. Should you have any questions or need more details, please reach out to us by emailing