What is an Adjustment?

While viewing a bank deposit that includes a recent refund, you will notice a Total Adjustments line. The Total Adjustments line is the fees that were paid back to your church by Tithely after a refund has been made. 



  • A donor donates to your church $100.00 and covers the fees making the total gift $103.20.
    Note: Adjustments occur regardless of whether the donor covers the fees.
  • The donor requests a refund for the $103.20.
  • One of two scenarios takes place:
    • The money was in transit when the refund occurred, and the funds were never deposited into the church's bank. 
    • The money was deposited into the church's bank and Tithely will deduct the funds from a future deposit.
      Note: This could result in a debit from the church's bank account if a future deposit is less than the refund amount.
  • The donor is refunded $103.20
  • $3.20 is deposited by Tithely into the church's account to cover the transaction fees. 
    Note: the $3.20 is the total adjustment in this scenario.

This results in a Net of $3.20 for the church and will be reflected as an Adjustment on your deposit report.

If you would like to learn more about issuing refunds check out this article, Issuing a Refund. If you'd like to learn more about deposits check out this article, Viewing Your Bank Deposit Reports