How can I delete my account?

If you're considering discontinuing your donor activity on Tithely, here's a comprehensive guide to help you effectively stop all transactions and understand the limitations:

Why Can't I Delete My Account?

For auditing and financial records purposes, we cannot delete donor accounts that have had funds processed. This policy ensures both you and the organizations you've supported have access to past transaction data.

Stopping All Future Transactions:

While account deletion isn't an option, you can effectively halt all future transactions.

  • Action Step 1: Log in to your donor account. You can do this either through the free giving app or by visiting

  • Action Step 2: First, head to the Automated tab. Ensure there are no recurring gifts scheduled. If there are, follow the instructions to stop them.

  • Action Step 3: Next, go to the Payments tab. Here, remove any payment methods you have on file. Doing so ensures no future transactions can occur.

Helpful Articles for Further Guidance:

If you face any issues during this process or have further questions about removing your data please email: