My recurring gift failed, what do I do?

Recurring gifts are a wonderful way to continually support your chosen organization. However, there might be times when a scheduled donation doesn't go through. Here's what to do if your recurring gift fails:

1. Check with Your Bank or Card Company:

Before diving into any platform-specific solutions, it's crucial to first ensure there's no issue with your payment method.

  • Action Step: Contact your bank or card company to inquire if they noticed any problems on their end, such as declined transactions or suspicious activity alerts.

2. Understanding the Fail Reason:

Tithely can provide insights into why a gift might not have processed.

  • Action Step: Reach out to the Tithely support team. While we might not have every detail, we can give a bit more context on the reason behind the failed donation.

3. Wait for the Next Scheduled Gift:

If a recurring gift fails, Tithely will not attempt to retry the donation immediately. Instead, it will wait until the next scheduled gift.

  • Important Note: Be sure to monitor your next scheduled donation to ensure it processes successfully.

Making Up for the Missed Donation:

If you wish to make up for a missed donation:

  • Action Step: Consider making a one-time gift on Tithely. This way, you can still provide support even if one of your recurring gifts didn't go through.

Always ensure your payment details are up-to-date and that you're regularly monitoring your transactions to stay on top of your donations. If any issues persist, Tithely's support team is always here to assist.

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