QuickGive™ in-app Mobile Giving

Giving is a spiritual discipline, but it shouldn’t take forever. With Tithe.ly QuickGive™ members can give in seconds with two taps. This article explains how to use this feature in order to save time and have clarity on how it works.

How to use QuickGive™

  1. Log into the Tithely Giving App.
  2. Use the Search box to find your local church.
  3. After you have made at least one donation to a ministry, the QuickGive™ option will be appear to facilitate quick giving to that same organization, the same amount, to the same fund, and with the same payment method. 
  4. If you would like to make that donation, tap or click on the QuickGive button.
    Note: This button cannot be manually added, removed, or edited, instead, Quick Give will automatically show up as an option after at least one donation has been made to an organization. If you would like to make a unique gift amount, fund, or use a different payment method click Give Now instead of Quick Give.

Below is an example of a QuickGive™ that would go to:

  • Organization: Mosaic Cincinnati
  • Amount: $234
  • Fund Name: Missions
  • Payment Method: VISA ending in 5678


Tithely QuickGive™ members can give in seconds with two taps. By following the instructions provided in this article, you will have a full understanding of how it works and how to use it.