Donation Receipts

This article guides donors through the process of receiving and understanding Tithely's donation receipts. It outlines what information is included. For those who haven't received their donation email receipt, we suggest waiting during peak times, checking spam folders, and verifying email addresses. Tithely support can resend missing receipts. It also touches on end-of-year tax receipts, emphasizing that Canadian donors should consult their churches for official tax documents due to specific legal requirements.

When you make a donation through Tithely, an automatic donation receipt is sent to your email just seconds after your contribution is processed.

What Does the Donation Receipt Include?

  • Date of Gift: The day your donation was made.
  • Name of Organization: The specific organization you donated to.
  • Amount: The total sum you contributed.
  • Fund/Designation: Where your gift is designated to go within the organization.
  • Gift ID: A unique identifier for your donation.

Tithely Tip

If you are a donor that needs to change the address where receipts are received, this can be edited in your Tithely account by following this guide: How to Edit My Tithely Giving Donor Account Details in The Tithely App


Lost or Missing Donation Receipt?

  • Give it time, during peak giving seasons receipts may take up to an hour to send.
  • Check your spam or junk folder.
  • Confirm your email address in Tithely is correct.

If you still cannot find your receipt please contact Tithely support. Our team can resend the donation receipt to your registered email. Remember, this is applicable for donation receipts only, not tax receipts.

For Admins: Learn more about End of Year Official Tax Receipts

Tax Receipts

At the end of each fiscal year, your church provides tax receipts for all the donations you've made.

Should you not receive your tax receipt or find any discrepancies, it's essential to reach out to your church directly to address the matter.

Important Note for Canadian Donors: Canadian tax law specifies that emails sent through Tithely may not serve as official tax receipts.