Staff Pages on Tithely Sites

Staff Pages are easier than ever with Tithely Sites. Quickly and easily add People blocks to any page on your website to have all people assigned to a group displayed in a no-fuss format. 

Video Walkthrough

The video below will guide you through adding users to your website, including information on organization groups, permissions, passwords and how to send a login email. As well we dive into People Blocks, how to add and edit People blocks and setting up a Staff/Team page. 
Tithely Tip: You can use the chapters in the video to quickly navigate to the information you need. 

How To Add a People Block

  1. Login to your Tithely Site.

  2. Navigate to the page you'd like to add your block.

  3. Click the '+' add block button, located on the left-hand side.

  4. Select the People block type, and a block will be added to your site.
    By default, the Staff group will be selected. Anyone assigned to the Staff Group will display in the block. To change the group that is displayed in the People block, click Edit Content. Then, select the group you'd like to display. 

    Customize block content by clicking the edit pencils to edit content (controls appear as you hover over the block element). For more information on Blocks, see Add and Edit Blocks on Sites.

    People Block Layouts

    Change the style or layout of the block by clicking Edit Block which is on the top right of the block.

    Layout 1

    Layout 2


    Layout 3


    Layout 4