Background Check Status Definitions

Once a background check has been ordered in People, you will see several statuses on the background check. Below is a glossary of the different statuses you will see and what they mean.

Glossary of Background Check Statuses



Invitation Sent

The invitation link has been sent, but the candidate has not yet responded, and the report has therefore not yet begun.


The report is processing. While most reports take 2-3 days to finalize, some may take longer. The most common causes for delay are if Checkr is waiting on the candidate to provide information, or if a County Criminal Records Check is in progress.

Awaiting Docs

The report cannot be completed because information is missing or cannot be verified. Checkr has contacted the candidate to submit additional documents. The report will be re-initiated once the information is confirmed.

Invitation Expired

The invitation link was sent, and the candidate did not complete it within the allotted time. A new invitation must be sent if you wish to continue with this candidate. By default, invitation links expire after 7 days.


The report is complete, and the candidate has contacted Checkr to contest its accuracy. Adjudication is blocked while a report status is Dispute.

Review Complete

The report is complete and ready for your review.


The report is complete and does not contain adverse information on any of the screenings.


The report is complete and contains some information for you to evaluate. This information may contain criminal records, Motor Vehicle Report violations that do not meet your Motor Vehicle Report criteria, Employment and/or Education verifications that were not an exact match, or other records for your adjudicators to review.


Since the background check was completed/cleared, the set amount of time has elapsed when your organization would now consider the background check to have expired. At this stage, you will likely want to run another background check on the candidate.

Checkr may show you a similar set of statuses once you login to their dashboard. Here is an article from Checkr explaining their status labels: What does the status of a report indicate?

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