Set Up Background Checks with Checkr in People

Ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of volunteers and staff is paramount for any church. This article guides you through the process of setting up background checks within your People platform, utilizing Checkr. By integrating Checkr, offers a streamlined, efficient way to conduct background screenings, helping your church maintain a secure environment. Learn the step-by-step process to activate this feature, ensuring your ministry is bolstered by reliable and thorough background checks.


Set Up Background Checks with Checkr in People

  1. Login to your Tithely account.
    IMPORTANT: Only the Account Owner should complete this process.

  2. Select People from the left-hand menu.

  3. Select Background Checks from the People menu.

  4. Click on the green button to "Order Background Checks"

  5. In the card the opens, click "Set Up".

    This will take you to the first step up the Checkr setup process.

  6. Review the Checkr Service Agreement, and if you agree, check the box to accept the conditions.
    I already have a Checkr account:

    Click "Sign In" to sign in to your existing Chekr account at the bottom of the page. This will link up your Checkr and Tithely account.

    I don't have a Checkr account:
    If you don't have a previous Checkr account, you can simply click the green "Set Up" button to continue the process.

  7. Enter your organization's information to proceed with your Checkr account.
    It is important that your mailing address matches the information on the federal registry for your Tax ID. Fill out the fields and click "Continue".

  8. Select which package should be ordered by default for new background checks.
    You can choose your default package by clicking the "Select Default" button within your preferred package.
    Please Note: This default setting can be changed anytime through your People: Settings area. Each time you order a background check, you can choose which specific package you would like. Additional Package Information.

  9. Add or update your credit card billing details.

    Billing for background checks is done on a monthly basis, in sync with any other Tithely subscriptions you have. Any charges for background checks will show in your subscription billing.

  10. Click the green "Continue" button.

  11. Success! 🎉

    You should see a success page showing that your account with Checkr was successfully set up and linked to Tithely.

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