Tithely Pay Email Receipt Details

Receipts that are sent from Tithely Pay are designed to look great on any device!
Receipts include the following details about the purchase:

  • Organization name
  • Purchase Total
  • Card type
  • Date of purchase
  • Time of purchase
  • Last 4 digits on the credit card
    Please Note: If Apple Pay or Google Pay is used for purchasing, it can be hard to look up a receipt in the future using Tithely Pay since no name is saved and the card number will not match the actual credit card number. If Apple Pay or Google Pay is used then it is a good idea to encourage the purchaser to send a receipt (especially if the item being purchased is something that could be returned).

Email receipts also include the ability to quickly and easily donate $1, $5, $10 from the top portion of the receipt.

Please Note: Money donated will be associated with the correct account for the donor since they will donate through their Tithely account.


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