What to do if you can’t connect the Tithely Pay Card Reader to Tithely Pay

Encountering difficulties while connecting your Tithe.ly Pay Card Reader to Tithe.ly Pay? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this troubleshooting guide, we'll walk you through the steps to resolve any issues you may encounter during the setup process. From checking your internet connection to troubleshooting device compatibility, we'll provide solutions to help you get back on track.


Confirm the Tithely Pay Card Reader is powered on, charged, and not connected to another device. The reader’s status light should be flashing blue.

  • Ensure that the reader was fully disconnected from any previous device using Tithely Pay directly, rather than taking the reader out of range.

  • Ensure that the reader was not previously paired to a POS device via the device’s Bluetooth settings. Go to Bluetooth settings in any previously paired devices and “Forget” the device.

Confirm the reader is in-range of the iOS device running TIthely Pay (usually 10-20 ft).

Troubleshoot the reader / iOS device’s Bluetooth connection

  1. Restarting the Tithely Pay app should always be your first step if there is a connectivity issue. If the reader is on, then this will prompt the app to reconnect again and this normally corrects all connection problems.

  2. If the Tithely Pay Reader is in a holster or case, attempt to connect to the reader without the holster or case.

  3. Attempt to connect to the Tithely Pay Reader with the iOS’s Wi-Fi settings turned off. This will show if Wi-Fi instability is interfering with the ability to connect to the reader via Bluetooth.

    If the connection succeeds with Wi-Fi turned off, then take one of the following approaches to resolve:

  • Reconnect the iOS device to the internet using a cellular connection or

  • Move closer to the Wi-Fi access point to reduce Wi-Fi interference or

Reset the Wi-Fi router to a 5GHz band to ensure 2.4GHz band (shared by Bluetooth) isn’t too crowded

I’ve tried diagnosing steps above and it’s still not working

Perform the following checks:

  • Make sure the Tithely Card Reader is up to date.

  • Ensure Location Services are on for the iOS Device, as GPS location coordinates are required for payments to succeed.

  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on in the device settings; bluetooth is required to connect to the reader

  • Always connect to the Tithely Card Reader directly from the application. Do not connect via device settings. Upon connection, the reader’s LED light will be steady blue.

  • Always disconnect from the Tithely Card Reader directly from the application before connecting it to another iOS device. Upon disconnection, the reader’s LED light will be flashing blue.

  • Keep readers charged. Readers should last for ~10 hours of standby use. If the reader’s battery is low, its LED light will be flashing red.

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