Improving Your Existing App

Have you already launched your custom church app and now have some more time to spend on making your app even better? Great! Below are 4 simple ways that you can improve your existing app.

  1. Update existing sections of your app

    Do you have sections in your app like "About Our Church", "Weekly Bulletin", "Calendar", or "Get Connected"? Chances are that you can spend some more time and make what you already have even better. Now that you breathe after your app launch, intentionally spend some more time making the content in your current sections even better!
  2. Add new sections to your app

    Many churches don't have time to make the initial build of their app everything that they wanted it to be because they want to get it out to their church ASAP. Now that you have some time, add in sections that you may not have added the first time around. Add a weekly bulletin, add a church blog, or even try out sermon notes. Once you add a section, send out a Push Notification letting people know that you've added Sermon Notes for people to follow along in the services.
  3. Change out the images on the home menu

    Although swapping out the pictures on the home menu is strictly a visual change, when someone from your church opens the app, they will assume that you've made some pretty big changes & have added a bunch of new content just because the home screen looks different. It's a small detail that has a huge impact. Some churches will swap out images heading into a big season or weekend. For example, Christmas, Easter, or your church's anniversary.
  4. Ask a small user group for feedback

    Take a page from Fortune 500 companies. When you are trying to figure out what is working & resonating with your church, who better to ask than people from your church who have used the app. Get a wide variety of people in your church - young, old, tech savvy, parents, etc. Find out first hand what they most use from your app, sections they never use, and what they wish it could do. This is the most important part of improving your app. We can design our app based on what we think is best, but ultimately, success of our apps are based on if people are using it. 

If you are looking to improve you church's app and need any help or want some fresh, new ideas - please reach out to us! 

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