The 4 Steps to Unleash Generosity Overview

Launching a new giving provider can seem like a daunting task - especially if you have recurring donors! Don't worry though, we provide all of the resources to make the transition as easy and seamless for your team & congregation as possible. The main question that you will want to figure out as we walk through the 4 Steps to Unleash Generosity: When is Launch Weekend? Most churches launch 4-6 weeks from starting this process. This does factor in the time it takes to build your custom church app (if applicable). This article is written with the plan that you will launch giving & app 4 weeks from today. Click the links below to download the resources for each step. 

  1. Getting Buy-In From Your Team - The most important first step in this process is to make sure that your team is bought into this switch, they have the opportunity to try it out, and give a test gift! This helps the entire staff get comfortable with We know that when leadership is excited about something new, the rest of the church is more likely to come on board. Team Buy-In from your staff is crucial!
    In your next staff meeting, share "WHY" you switched your giving provider and ask your team to give a test donation. Let them know that you will send them an email with the instructions on how to do this after your staff meeting. We have provided a templated email that you can send to your team. Click here for step 1 resources.

  2. Migrate & GROW Your Recurring Giving - If your recurring givers can login to your existing giving platform Click here for step 2 resources. If your recurring donors do a bank deposit, you will want them to reach out to their bank to stop this transfer & have them set up their new donation through the giving link on your website.
    Once we move over your existing recurring donors, let's focus on GROW-ing that number. For every $3 dollars that a recurring giver sets up, they will give an additional $1 in unplanned, spontaneous giving throughout the year. That means if they give $3,000 in recurring giving, they will give an additional $1,000 in unplanned giving. Click here for tips on increasing the number of recurring givers.

  3. Building Your Custom Church App - We not only build your app for you, but we provide world class insights & best practices on how to not only get people to download your app, but also share with you how to keep engaging your people after launch weekend. Click here for step 3 resources.

  4. Launch Weekend - This is the big moment! Launching from your stage couldn't be easier. We recommend that you talk about giving & generosity just like you always do. Just make sure to highlight all the ways that people can give, every week for the first month - that way everyone has the opportunity to hear about all the new, easier ways to give at your church. We provide a slide that you can customize, that shows all the ways for people to give at your church. We also provide a handout that you can print and give out to your church, that tells them how to download your church app! Click here for step 4 resources.

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