Step 4 | Launch Weekend & Beyond

If you're ready for this step, you're probably gearing up for launch weekend! Below are some best practices, things to remember and some downloadable resources for your launch weekend. 

Pre Launch

Chances are that you've already started to migrate over your recurring givers onto Tithely & if you have a custom church app, it's either ready to go or close to it. As you are approaching launch weekend, it's time to plan out and prepare all communication about Tithely and your custom app. Some things to think about...

  • Prepare any social media posts about your switch to Tithely and your church app

  • Send an email blast out to your church launch week previewing your church app

  • Make sure that you have the giving link on your website switched over 

  • Create and design any slides that you will use in your services

    • A slide for all the different ways people can give; show this when you talk about giving (click at the bottom of this article for these editable slides)

    • A pre and post service slide that promotes your church app and how to get it.

  • Be sure to update any places that you talk about ways to give. Website, Social Media, Emails, etc. 

Launch Weekend

Having a successful launch weekend really comes down to two main things: Promotion & Creating in app content for your services.

Promoting Tithely & Your Custom App on Launch Weekend

  1. Use Pre/Post Service slides that share all the different ways people can give, and how they can download your church's custom app. Download our free resources here. 

  2. Share about your custom app during announcements post a slide on your screen sharing how to download your app. Share some of the different things that people can do inside of your app, including:

    • Digital Bulliten

    • Sermon Notes

    • Podcasts 

    • Church Calendar

  3. When you talk about Giving in your services, talk about all the different ways people can give. Download our free resources here. 

  4. Post about your custom app & the new ways to give on your social media accounts

Post Launch

Most churches have a phenomenal launch weekend, but if you want to continue to see people download your app & continue to use it throughout the week, you need to continually create irresistible content that your church congregation will want to interact with. Click here to view our article about creating irresistible content to keep engagement of your app going after launch weekend.

Churches who see an increase of giving after launch weekend do these two things well: 

  1. Communicate all the different ways to give, every week - The average church attender comes to church 1.7x per month. This means that we need to continually share about all the easy ways for people to give. Most people do not give throughout the week because they forget that they can give anywhere, anytime with Tithely - Online, in the Tithely Giving App, in your Custom Church App, and Text Giving. 

  2. Talk about giving & generosity clearly - Most churches that use Tithely see a huge increase in overall giving, but they also see an increase in the number of recurring givers. Share with your church the Biblical reasons for financial generosity, but take one step further and consider sharing the practical reasons why setting up a recurring gift is best for the church - it helps you budget as you look ahead and plan to reach more people for Christ. We find that when churches even share the practical importance of recurring giving for your church, that many will set that up - they just didn't know that it was important. 

Below are some helpful articles that will help you engage your givers & give you engagement best practices to keep people using your app for seasons to come.

Giving Resources

App Resources

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