Create a Newsletter in Sites

The email newsletter is a newsletter that is sent out via email through the website. When you would like to send a newsletter (ie. weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) you create a new one and schedule it. The great thing is that no designing or formatting is ever required on your end as it’s all been done in advance. Your logo is added to the top automatically. You then can add Events, News, Sermons, etc. All the info and images are pulled in from the website. You can also create Custom areas to add additional messages.

Turn On the Email Newsletter

Learn how to turn On / off website features in Activate Features on Your Tithely Site

How the Email Newsletter Works

Website visitors subscribe to your Email Newsletter.
They enter their email address on the website. Then they are asked to complete their info, and check their inbox to confirm their subscription.
Newsletter subscriptions comply with all Canadian Anti-Spam Laws.

Please Note: If you have the Newsletter feature turned on, the sign-up bar will appear. This is automatic when the feature is turned on and cannot be turned off unless the newsletter feature is turned off.

Here, members can also ask to be subscribed to the newsletter within their Directory account!

Create a New Newsletter

  1. Login to your Tithely account and select Sites from the left menu. Or login to your site directly.
  2. Click on the Admin button at the top right of your website and select Newsletter from the dropdown.
  3. Click Add Newsletter.
  4. Enter your newsletter information, including:
    Your Email Subject. 
    Select which administrator on the website you'd like to send the newsletter from. 
  5. Click Create Newsletter.
    Your church's logo, contact details, social media icons, etc will be auto-populated at the top/bottom of the newsletter.
  6. Next click the Add Section button to add a custom section, events, news and sermons from the website. Choosing the "Custom" section will allow you to add a headline, sub-headline, content, a button and an image. Clicking Event, News and Sermon will pre-populate the section with content that has already been posted to your website.
    When selecting an Event, News Post or Sermon, you will see the option to select the post that you'd like to share in the Newsletter.
  7. You can then edit the Heading, Sub-heading and content that will be added to the Newsletter.
    Please Note: This will not affect the original post's content on the website, just the wording that is displayed in the newsletter. A button will be created to link to the full content.
    Your newsletter will be saved and you can preview what it will look like in a subscriber's inbox.
    Please Note: After you've saved a section, a draft of your newsletter will automatically be saved. If you wish, you can leave the newsletter section of the site and come back to finish the newsletter at another time.
    Next, you can re-order your newsletter sections. Send a copy of the newsletter, or schedule it to be sent out. 

How to change the Newsletter Logo

  1. Navigate to Admin > Design
  2. Select Emails/Newsletters from the left menu.
  3. Upload your Logo to be used for newsletters.  Your files should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. Suggested minimum width of 300px.
  4. Set your Logo size for newsletters. 
  5. Save Mail Settings.

Re-ordering Sections

You can easily re-order the sections by clicking 'Re-order Sections' found below the logo

Next click, drag and drop the re-order handle found on the left of each section.

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Sending a Copy

If you would like to send a copy of the Newsletter to yourself or someone else to preview, click the Send Copy Button. 

Viewing Recent Newsletters

Access your recent newsletters by going to

You can direct your church members here for a list of all your recent newsletters! 

Schedule the Newsletter 

  1. When you're done creating your Newsletter, click the Schedule button.

  2. Set the Date and Time that you'd like the Newsletter to be sent.
    Please Note: If you select the current time or a time in the past the Newsletter will be published immediately.

  3. Confirm the group list to which you're sending the newsletter.

  4. Click the Schedule Newsletter to Send button to save your changes and schedule your newsletter.

User Permissions needed to access Sites
Account Owner, Admin, Limited Acess User with permissions granted for Sites, or Admin Permissions granted directly on the Tithely Site. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.