Why Can't I Add an Email to an Email List?

Encountering difficulties adding certain email addresses or names to your e-newsletter subscriber list on Tithely Sites can be perplexing. Sometimes, despite multiple attempts, some subscribers just don't seem to register. This guide delves into the common reasons why specific email addresses face issues being added, emphasizing the scenario of previously unsubscribed users. Understanding these nuances ensures effective management of your subscriber list and enhances your e-newsletter's outreach.

Unsubscribed User

  1. Log into Tithely Sites.
  2. Select Admin.Select E-Newsletter.
  3. Select Subscribers.
  4. Next to Filter, select Unsubscribed from the drop down menu.
  5. Search for the user in question.


Tithely Tip

If a user has Unsubscribed from your list they will not be added to any further email lists from your Tithely Sites until they resubscribe to your email newsletter by entering their email again on your website.

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