Why Yahoo and Gmail addresses can no longer be used as your Send From address on Site Newsletters

As of February 2024, you may notice the following warning on your Site when choosing a Send From email address on your Newsletter:

Yahoo and Gmail email addresses are not supported as a send-from option for newsletters, and will not be selectable from the list of options.

In an ongoing commitment to provide a secure and efficient platform for our users, we have added this warning to inform you of significant changes that impact the Newsletter feature within Tithely Sites. These adjustments stem from recent updates to email authentication requirements by Google and Yahoo, resulting in Google and Yahoo email address no longer being able to be used as a "Send From" option for newsletter communications. 

Why the Change?

Google and Yahoo have introduced stricter email authentication protocols to enhance security and combat the rise of phishing and spam. This move, while aimed at bolstering email ecosystem safety, affects users who have been using Google or Yahoo email addresses as their newsletter's "Send From" address on Tithely Sites. While these changes ensure that emails are genuinely sent from the stated sources they no longer allow services such as Tithely Sites Newsletters to use the address to "Send from".

Impact on Tithely Sites Newsletter Users

No Google or Yahoo email address can be selected or used as a "Send From" option for the Newsletter feature. In order to use the Tithely Sites Newsletter feature and ensure your communications reach your audience, it is necessary to transition to an alternative email address not associated with Google or Yahoo for your newsletter campaigns.

Recommended Alternative Email Services

Recognizing the need for a reliable and secure alternative, we have curated a list of email service providers that offer a range of features to meet your newsletter needs:

  • Outlook.com: Known for its user-friendly interface, Outlook.com integrates well with Microsoft tools and offers 15GB of free storage, making it a great option for everyday email management and newsletter distribution.
  • ProtonMail: If security and privacy are your primary concerns, ProtonMail provides an excellent solution with 500MB of free storage and end-to-end encryption, ensuring your newsletter communications are protected.
  • Tutanota: Offering 1GB of free storage, Tutanota focuses on privacy and a clean interface, ideal for those who prioritize security without compromising on usability.
  • Zoho Mail: With 5GB of free storage and the option to create custom email addresses, Zoho Mail is perfect for users looking for a comprehensive email solution that integrates with other business tools.

Additional Options

  • Yandex.Mail: Offers a generous 10GB of free storage and features a unique interface.
  • Mail.com: Provides a selection of free email domains and 2GB of storage.
  • StartMail: Emphasizes security with end-to-end encryption, offering 1GB of free storage.

Moving Forward

Transitioning to a new email service for your newsletters might require some adjustment, but it's a vital step in order to use the Newsletter feature. We encourage our users to explore these alternatives and select the one that best fits their communication needs.

For more guidance on adding/changing a new email address for one of your Site users please refer to this article: Edit, Archive, or Suspend a User on Sites

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated as we navigate these changes together, striving to provide a safe and reliable platform for your church engagement efforts.

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