Tips on Keeping Audio MP3 File Size Down

If you are uploading your sermon or audio file mp3 files to the site, it is important to keep the file size under 50MB per sermon if you can.

Recommendations on Keeping File Size Down:

  • Convert to mono (instead of stereo)
  • You can use lower Khz settings
  • Trim away unnecessary recording (ie. silence, announcements)

Online Conversion

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to choose where you are going to upload your audio from. In most cases, you are probably using an audio file saved on your computer. In that instance, you would just click the "Drop Files Here" or "Choose File" button (wording depends on the browser you're using).
  3. Click Convert file and it will convert the file for you and download the new MP3 copy for you to upload on your website.

Compressing Audio Files with Audacity

In order to compress audio files, you need an appropriate software program. An example would be a service like Audacity (available for Windows or Mac).

Here’s how to compress mp3 audio files before uploading the file to your website using Audacity. 

  1. Open the mp3 file in Audacity

  2. Go to File > Export Audio

  3. Pick File Type > MP3 Files

  4. Set Bit Rate Mode to Average

  5. Set the Quality to 32kbs

  6. Set Channel Mode to Join Stereo

  7. Press Save and then OK

Another option is to use Audio Format.