Launching Kiosk Mode

Now that your device has been locally prepared to turn on Kiosk Mode, it’s time to pull up the Kiosk Mode on your screen for use. Follow these directions to get started.
If you have not yet set up your device to use Kiosk mode follow the steps in these articles:
  • IPad
  • Android

Launching Kiosk Mode

  1. Log into Tithely as an Admin or Limited User with Giving Permissions. 
  2. Navigate to Giving.
  3. Navigate to Giving Form.
  4. Find the Kiosk URL under the Link/Embed tab.
    Screenshot 2024-06-14 at 3.07.58 PM.png
  5. Enter the Kiosk Form link into your browser.
    • If you are using the same device as you will be using for Kiosk Mode, copy and paste the link into your browser (make sure to close the tab with your admin dashboard open).
    • If you are using a different device for Kiosk Mode, send that link to yourself via email (make sure to close out of your email).
  6. Now that you are on the Kiosk Version of the Giving Form, it is time to lock down your device:
    • On iPad:
      1. Triple click your device lock button to enter Guided Access.
      2. Choose Guided Access from the Accessibility options listed.
      3. If prompted, tap Start.
      4. While in Guided Access, your donors will not be able to close out of the Safari app
    •  On Android:
      1. While in the Chrome browser, swipe up and keep your finger pressed on the screen until you feel a small tap.
      2. Tap on the Chrome logo at the top of your screen.
      3. Tap Pin.
      4. While the app in pinned, donors will be unable to close out of the Chrome app.
  7. Orient your device to either portrait or landscape (landscape is recommended on tablets, portrait on mobile devices)
  8. Tap Fullscreen. (Only available on Android devices.)

Check out how to close out of Kiosk mode.


Tithely Tip

Place your device in a visible location where donors can easily walk up and use it. Ideally, there is space in case a small line forms. Make sure your device is either fully charged when you begin using it, or plugged in so that it doesn’t run out of battery while your donors wish to use it.