Text to Give Fees?`

Text to Give by Tithely is a convenient donation method allowing contributors to text their donations to your church's unique number. This feature is available for an individual subscription of $19 per month or as part of Tithely's All Access plans. This guide will explore the costs associated with Text to Give, including standard transaction fees for each donation made via credit/debit card or AMEX, and emphasize that ACH transactions are not supported. Further details on transaction fees are available in Tithely's pricing information.

Cost of Text to Give

  • $19 a month subscription
  • No additional monthly fee if you are subscribed to All Access.
  • Standard transaction fee per gift (2.9% + 0.30 per debit/credit card or 3.5% + 30ยข for AMEX. Text to give cannot accept ACH transactions)
    Note: Learn more about transaction fees for donations: Tithely Pricing
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