Setting Up And Using Text Giving

Tithely Text Giving is incredibly simple and fast. Donors, members, and supporters can give in seconds simply by texting an amount (for example, $100) to your church's dedicated text-giving number. Below we'll guide you through how to sign up for Text Giving, locate your Text Giving number, and how to use the service. We've also included some launch resources.
More information on Text Giving can be found here

Sign Up for Text Giving

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select Giving from the menu.
  3. Choose Text Giving from the options.
  4. Complete the sign-up form, providing the required information.
    1. You can enter your payment details to set up your preferred payment method.
    2. Confirm your subscription to Text Giving.

Tithely Tip

All Access Customers: Text Giving is included in your package at no additional charge. If you opt not to use the feature, there is no need to cancel it.

Locate Your Text Giving Number

  1. Login into Tithely as an Admin.
  2. Select Giving.
  3. Select Text Giving
    Note: Only those signed up for text giving can view this option. If you have multiple locations, select the one you are updating settings for, and all setting changes will apply to the selected location.

Start Texting!

To begin using Text Giving, text "Give" to your Text Giving number. After this, you can use text giving by texting any of the below options to your dedicated giving number.

🚨 Important Update on SMS Regulation Changes 🚨

  • 📌 For phone numbers in the "Pending Approval" phase, SMS containing URLs will be blocked starting November 8th, 2023.
  • 📌 By January 31st, 2024, all SMS from these "Pending Approval" numbers, regardless of content, will also be blocked.

"Pending Approval" refers to phone numbers that are newly registered and awaiting full clearance, a process that takes roughly 3 weeks.

Both new customers registering their phone numbers and existing customers with numbers still in the "Pending Approval" phase will be affected.

🔗 Learn more about these changes and what they mean for you.

Short Codes 

Short codes are abbreviated phone numbers, typically consisting of 5 or 6 digits, used for sending and receiving text messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS), also commonly called shortcode numbers, SMS shortcodes, or simply short numbers.

We have chosen not to utilize shortcodes in our Text Giving feature. Wireless carriers often view short codes as similar to daily robocalls, and they are also associated with text phishing scams. To protect the integrity and deliverability of your messages, many carriers have either blocked or imposed restrictions on using short codes.

Instead, we provide a 10-digit number for Text Giving, ensuring that each message you send is reliably delivered without the risk of being blocked by wireless providers. By using a 10-digit number provided by, you can have peace of mind knowing that your texts will be sent and received smoothly by your donors and supporters.

Text Giving Launch Resources

You can use this video to show how easy text giving is with Tithely!

Note: Requesting a refund is available within 30 minutes of your most recent donation. If you encounter any issues with a recent contribution, please contact your church's administrator, who can assist with support and processing refunds.