How to Create a Custom Giving Link

In addition to customizing settings for your main Giving Form, Tithely allows you to generate custom links that modify your Giving Form with specific defaults. These customizations include defaulting the selected fund, amount, and even hiding recurring giving options. The best part is that any changes made to the custom link won't impact your main Giving Form, providing you with the freedom to experiment and tailor your giving experience.

Creating a Custom Link

  1. Log into Tithely 
    Note: You will need Finance permissions.
  2. Select Giving.
  3. Select Giving Form
  4. Select Create Custom Link.
  5. Set parameters:
    Note: Only one parameter is needed to create a custom link. 
    1. Amount 
    2. Fund
    3. Enable or Disable the ability to set a recurring donation.
  6. Select Create Custom Link
  7. The next screen will show your direct link and embed code to use.

With your custom giving link now in hand, you've unlocked a powerful tool that offers both convenience and clarity to your donors. Such customizations not only save time but also reduce potential confusion, ensuring your members can contribute to specific causes or campaigns with ease. 

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