Understanding the Role of a Legal Representative at Tithely

Clarity and transparency are paramount when navigating the landscape of online financial transactions, especially in the context of charitable giving. One term that might arise in this environment is “legal representative.” Let’s delve into what this means within the Tithely platform.

Definition of a Legal Representative

A legal representative is an individual or entity authorized to act on behalf of another individual or entity in legal or financial matters. 

Functions of a Legal Representative at Tithely

  1. Account Management: A legal representative might manage a Tithely account on behalf of a church, ensuring the data remains accurate and up-to-date.
  2. Transaction Oversight: This representative can oversee and authorize transactions, aligning them with the preferences or best interests of the represented entity.
  3. Liaising with Tithely Support: Should there be technical issues or concerns, the legal representative can directly communicate with Tithely's support team on behalf of the account holder.
  4. Legal Compliance: The representative ensures actions taken on the platform comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws, especially concerning financial transactions and charitable giving.
  5. Dispute Resolution: In case of discrepancies or disagreements, the legal representative may engage in discussions or negotiations to seek a resolution.

Who Should Be the Legal Representative?

According to our terms, both you and your chosen representative must affirm to our payment processing partner, Stripe, that:

  • Your representative is authorized to provide user information on your behalf and to bind you to this Agreement.
  • Your representative has responsibility for the control, management, or direction of your organizations operations.

Tithely or Stripe may require you or your representative to provide additional details or documentation that verifies your representative's authority.

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