When to Contact Your Church vs. When Tithely Can Help

Learn when to reach out to your church directly and when to seek assistance from Tithe.ly with this informative guide. Discover the appropriate situations for contacting your church regarding donation-related queries versus when Tithe.ly's support team can provide assistance. 

Using Tithely should be a seamless experience, but there are times you might need assistance. Here's a guide to help you determine when it's best to approach your church and when Tithely's direct support would be more beneficial:

Contacting Your Church:

Areas They Can Assist With

  1. Donation Records, Receipts, and Tax Statements:

    • For comprehensive records, acknowledgments, and tax receipts or statements related to your donations, your church is the primary point of contact. They manage these records and issue all official documentation.
  2. Specific Donation Inquiries:

    • If you're curious about how your donation was used, or if you wish to support a specific cause or mission, direct these inquiries to your church for clarity.
  3. Refunds and Financial Corrections:

    • Although Tithely handles transaction processes, any requests for refunds, financial adjustments, or modifications to donations typically fall under your church's jurisdiction.
  4. Church Events and Programs:

    • Should you require details about church events, missions, or other initiatives you're contributing to, reach out to your church's administrative or pastoral team.
  5. Community and Spiritual Guidance:

    • Beyond monetary concerns, your church remains a beacon for spiritual direction, counseling, and community involvement. Engage with your church leaders and members for this support.

Tithely Support

How We Can Assist Donors

  1. Technical Difficulties:

    • If you're experiencing issues with the Tithely platform, such as app malfunctions or challenges during donation, we're on standby to assist.
  2. Managing Payment Methods:

    • We can guide you on adding, editing, or removing payment methods, ensuring you have flexibility in how you donate.
  3. Recurring Donations:

    • Our team can guide you through this process of setting up, and canceling a recurring gift. If you need to make changes to your donations, please contact your church. 
  4. Understanding Transaction Status:

    • We can offer insights into your transaction's status, be it pending, completed, or failed, and sometimes provide general reasons or solutions for any hiccups.
  5. Account Management:

    • For inquiries regarding your Tithely donor account, login challenges, or updates to personal details, our support team is here to help.