Viewing Gift Aid

Tithely Works With Churches to allow Gift Aid to be claimed on donations in the UK.

Please click here if you would like more information on what Gift Aid is.

All UK Churches using Tithely Giving will by default display a check box to allow donors to mark a donation for Gift Aid. There is no way to enable or disable this feature.

Viewing Donors Who Claim Gift Aid

  1. Log into your Tithely account as an Admin 
  2. Select Giving.
  3. Select Back to 1.0.
  4. Select Giving.
  5. Select Giving Statements.
  6. Select View Giving Statements.
  7. Select to search for an individual user by Name or Email.
    Note: Leave blank to pull records for all donors.
  8. Select to filter by Giving Type (Optional).
  9. Show should be set to Every Transaction.
  10. Select Filter Date By (Optional).
  11. Select Filter By Payment Type (Optional).
  12. Enter a Date range.
  13. Select Update.
  14. Select Export File.
    Note: We recommend exporting as a CSV file for best results.


Tithely does not pay out Gift Aid or provide professional tax advice.

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