App Home Screen Layout Editor

The Layout Editor is a user-friendly tool that allows you to edit and/or create beautiful layouts for your Church App. We are excited to announce it is now available to every Church Apps customer. When you log into your App dashboard you will see the Layout Editor in the left navigation panel.

The most used layout in the Church App is the home screen. Churches can now update their app home screen quickly and easily without needing to schedule those edits with the Tithely team.

Tithely Tip

Once you've created a new layout, follow these steps to make it the new Home Screen of your App: Click here

User Permissions needed to access Apps
You must be the Account Owner to access Apps. If you have additional questions please reference this article.


You can update your existing layout or create and publish a new layout for your home screen.

When editing your home screen, you can:

  • Change out pictures
  • Add new areas/tiles to the layout
  • Drag tiles around in the home screen to rearrange them
  • Create a new layout that is connected to your current home screen to add more content

Check out these short videos to help get you started!

Layout Editor - Getting Started

Layout Editor - 3 Easy Edits to Your Home Layout

Layout Editor - Content Overview

Layout Editor - Settings Overview

Layout Editor - Making a New Layout for Your Home Screen