Branding Your Custom App

Your church branding is important! Churches spend a lot of time and in some cases, thousands of dollars to create a brand that is recognizable. We work with many churches who don't even have a church logo yet - and that is okay! This article is to help you think about how to show your church branding inside of your custom app & best practices when it comes to displaying your branding.

Branding is More Than Your Logo 

A great brand is known for more than just a logo, some of the best have a specific font or color associated with their brand; Think about Google, Apple or Nike.
When designing your app, keep in mind that staying brand consistent across all platforms is important. If you use a specific color scheme - be sure to use that inside of your custom app. This will subconsciously let your congregation know that this is your church's "Custom" app, and it makes it look more legit.
If you do not already have a brand style guide for all communications, I encourage you to do so. This will help make sure that your brand is consistent throughout all platforms. Take a look at Googles Brand Guidelines

Do Not Put Your Logo Everywhere

Avoid displaying your church's logo throughout the whole app. The most important place to put your logo is on the App Icon on their home menu. Once your people are inside your app, they know where they are, and small branding elements like the color scheme tell them that this is your app. Your church app is not an advertisement for your church - people have already downloaded it, keep the content the main thing.

Use Imagery over Text 

Use images to help tell your church's story as much as possible. Remember back to the time of the Microsoft Zune and the iPod Touch? One of the main reasons that Apple beat out Microsoft was the user interface. The Microsoft Zune was text and word-based for their user interface; Apple chose to use App Icons and imagery as much as possible. Which one is still around today?
Part of your branding is using images from your church to tell the story. On your main menu, find inviting and warm pictures from your services, small groups, and Sunday gatherings to help tell your church's story. 

Can I customize my font?

At this time, fonts cannot be customized. The fonts used in the app are:

  • iOS: Avenir
  • Android: Roboto Source
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