Using Advanced Developer Version in Layout Editor

The Layout Editor in Tithely offers a powerful toolset for customizing your app's layout to meet your specific needs. Alongside the standard version, an Advanced Developer Version provides even greater flexibility for experienced users. This article will help you through accessing and using the Advanced Version while highlighting the potential risks associated with this feature.

Switching to Advanced (Developer) Version:

  1. Log into your App Dashboard as an Admin.
  2. Navigate to the Layout Editor section.
  3. Select the layout you wish to modify and click on its name.
  4. Look for the Settings option within the chosen layout and click on it.
  5. Locate the Switch to advanced developer version toggle and consider the implications before proceeding.

Understanding the Implications:

Before you decide to switch to the Advanced Version, it's important to be aware of the potential risks involved:

  1. Loss of Functionality:
    The Advanced Version allows for more extensive modifications, which may inadvertently lead to a loss of certain functions in your layout.
  2. Impact on Design:
    Alterations made in the Advanced Version might affect the visual design of your layout, potentially leading to unintended changes in the app's appearance.
  3. Irreversible Actions:
    Once you proceed with the switch, Tithely cannot guarantee the recovery of any lost functionality or design elements. The changes made in developer mode are irreversible.
  4. Acknowledging the Risk:
    By choosing to continue with the switch, you acknowledge that your progress may not be recoverable. We recommend creating a backup or snapshot of your current layout before making any major changes.

The Advanced Developer Version in Tithely's Layout Editor empowers you to create highly customized layouts for your app. However, with great power comes great responsibility. If you are confident in your expertise and clearly understand the changes you'd like to make, the Advanced Version can be a valuable tool in your app customization journey. Happy designing!

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