Changing Churches in the Church App

Learn how to change churches within the Church App seamlessly with our guide. This article offers step-by-step instructions for switching between different church accounts, ensuring easy access to relevant information and resources. Empower yourself to navigate church changes effortlessly, maintaining connectivity and engagement within your church community. Follow these simple steps to personalize your app experience and stay connected with your chosen church. Optimize your Church App usage by learning how to change churches efficiently.

Changing churches in the Tithely app is simple, and can be accessed from 2 different places in the app!

  1. If your app's slide out menu is enabled, tap the 3 lines in the top left of the screen and select "New Church Search" at the bottom.
  2. Select the More tab on the bottom Nav Bar of your app, and there will be a gear icon in the upper left corner. Press it to go to the Settings page. Under “Search”, select “New Church Search”.

    Navigating to one of these places will bring up up the Church Search page. Here you have 2 ways to look for churches:



By name - Use the top search bar to type in a specific church name. Once you hit enter, all results containing the text you entered will be listed. This is a great way to not only look for a specific church but for denominations as well!

By location - Use the bottom search bar to enter a location. If you have Location Services turned on in your phone, then this bar will automatically fill with your current address. If you want to search a different location, press the gray “X” next to the location to delete it, then enter your desired location.

In both instances, the order of churches shown will be sorted by distance from your current location, with closer churches being shown first. Once you select your desired church, a notice will pop up asking if you want to change to a personalized app icon instead of the Tithely one. After you choose that, you’ve now found your new home church!


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