Saving and Emailing a Copy of Sermon Notes

The Sermon Notes feature in Church Apps allows you to take notes during the sermon and engage with the content in a meaningful way. Some church apps offer interactive sermon notes that allow you to fill in blanks, and add personal notes.

If your church app has the notes feature, you can add notes by logging into the app, selecting the notes section, and creating a new note. 

Save Your Notes

Once the sermon is over, save your notes by clicking the "Save Notes" button, which will save your notes in the App for future reference.
IMPORTANT: notes do not save to your device, but rather save to your App storage. If you want to keep your notes for long-term reference do not use this process, rather, use the following process:

Email Your Notes

If you want to share your notes with someone else, or simply send a copy to yourself, you can also click the "Email Notes" button. Please note that this feature only works if you are logged into the app.


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