Swapping an App Icon on the Church App

Discover how to swap the app icon on the Church App effortlessly with our guide. This article offers step-by-step instructions for changing the app icon, allowing you to customize your app's appearance. Empower yourself to personalize your app experience and reflect your church's branding or special events through the app icon. Follow these simple steps to swap the app icon seamlessly and enhance the visual appeal of your Church App. Optimize your app's appearance with custom app icons.
When you navigate to a new church within the Tithely Church App or when you use an app download link to download your app, a notification will pop up asking if you want to swap the home screen icon to the selected church.

To switch the app icon to your personalized design, tap “Change,” or if you want to keep the Tithely app icon, tap “Close.” If you’ve selected "Change," a confirmation notice will pop up afterward confirming that the icon has been changed.

Note: Android devices allow the new shortcut to utilize your church name, however, iOS does not allow this, therefore, the title of the shortcut will still show "Church App".

Keep in mind that if your app icon does not switch after you select the word "Change", there could be a few reasons why.

  1. Your mobile device may not be compatible with the App Icon Switcher feature. This feature is compatible with all Apple cellular devices and most Android cellular devices. This App Icon Switcher feature is not compatible with tablet devices.

  2. Your App Icon design may still be pending approval to be released by Apple! This process should be completed before the 4-week app-building process. Try downloading the latest Tithely Church App update to your device to see if your feature was added.