Creating and Logging Into Your Church App Account

How does a user create a new Church App account?

Step 1: Open Church App

Step 2: Tap on Sign Up in the App


How does a new user login to the Church App account using their account and their Facebook account?

Note: Google will not be a login option. Facebook is a login option.

Note: This article assumes the user has a user account - if they do not, please refer to “How to Create an account” article.


There are two options to login:

  • One is from the user’s account.

  • The other option is from the User’s Facebook account

Step 1: Tap on Church App to open.


Step 2: At launch (if the user is not logged in), the user will be prompted to connect to her/his account. Connecting one's account is required only once.

Step 3: Type in email address and password.
Step 4: Tap on the arrow to log in.


The user will see the following screen once:

Or, the user can log in using Facebook

Step 1: Tap on the Facebook icon

Step 2: Type in the mobile number or email address and Facebook password

Step 3: Tap on Done or the Log In button


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