Sharing Your App Download Link Explanation 🎥

In this article, we are going to cover your user's experience when following your church's unique app link as well as how to locate your unique churches app link. Using your church's unique link to share the church app is a great way to get your users on your app!

Locating Your Church Download Link

  1. Log in as an Admin into Tithely.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select Settings (Home)
  4. Locate App Download Link (only admin)
    Only the Account Owner is able to see your App Download Link
  5. Copy your link in the App Download Link text box.

Sharing Your Link

  1.  Copy the link in the App Download Link text box.
  2. Paste your link anywhere you would like to share your app! 

This video explains the nuances of sharing your custom church app on Facebook and the users' experience.

You are now able to copy and share your link anywhere online to help users download your app.