Best Practices For App Launch

Welcome to this article where we will explore best practices for how to successfully launch your church app to the congregation. A well-executed app launch can enhance the spiritual journey and engagement of your congregation while complementing your existing ministries and activities. Let's dive in!

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Make sure to check out our launch kit and use any resources you may find here: CLICK HERE

List of best practices:


  1. Provide Access Information:

    Clearly communicate how to download and access the app. Provide instructions for downloading from the app stores and share any necessary login credentials or registration details.  You can provide a direct link to your congregation to download the app. 

    Retrieve download link:

    1. Log into your Tithely Account as an admin. 
    2. Select App.
    3. Select Settings (Home).
    4. Locate and copy App Download Link (only admin).
    5. Share this link with users and instruct them to search your church name once the app has been downloaded on their device.
  2. Clearly State the Purpose:

    Begin by explaining the purpose of the app and how it serves as a tool to enhance the spiritual journey and engagement of your congregation. Emphasize that the app is designed to support and complement the existing ministries and activities of the church.

  3. Highlight Key Features:

    Share the key features of the app that will be most relevant and beneficial to your congregation. For example, highlight features such as sermon streaming, Bible reading plans, event calendars, small group communication, prayer requests, and giving options. Emphasize how these features can help individuals grow in their faith and connect with the church community.

  4. Address Specific Needs:

    Identify specific pain points or challenges that the app can address. For example, if your church has a large number of members who are unable to attend services physically, mention how the app enables them to stay connected and participate in sermons or events remotely.

  5. Showcase Benefits:

    Clearly articulate the benefits of using the app. Discuss how it can provide convenient access to resources, foster deeper engagement with the teachings and activities of the church, and enable better communication and interaction among members. Highlight how the app can help individuals stay informed, inspired, and connected throughout the week.

  6. Demonstrate Ease of Use:

    Assure your congregation that the app is user-friendly and accessible to all, regardless of their technical proficiency. Provide a brief overview or demonstration of how to navigate the app’s features and functions. Encourage them to explore and experiment with the app to experience its ease of use firsthand.

  7. Address Privacy and Security:

    Address any concerns about privacy and security that may arise. Explain the measures taken to safeguard user information and assure them that their data will be handled with utmost care and in compliance with relevant privacy regulations.

  8. Offer Support and Training:

    Assure your congregation that support and assistance will be provided to help them make the most of the app. Offer training sessions, tutorials, or workshops to guide them through the app’s features and address any questions or concerns they may have.

  9. Share Success Stories:

    Share stories or testimonials from individuals who have already benefited from using the app. Highlight specific examples of how the app has positively impacted their spiritual journey, increased their engagement with the church, or facilitated meaningful connections within the community.

  10. Encourage Feedback and Engagement:

    Express your openness to feedback and suggestions from the congregation. Encourage them to explore the app, share their experiences, and provide input for future improvements. Make it clear that their active participation and engagement with the app will help shape its ongoing development.

Remember to communicate about the app through multiple channels, such as in-person announcements, church bulletins, newsletters, social media, and your website, to ensure maximum reach and engagement with your congregation.

Add the link to a QR Code to share on stage and during videos. This will bring them right to the place to download the app. Make a QR code here.

Tithely Tip

Make sure to check out our launch kit and use any resources you may find here: CLICK HERE


Feel free to share this with churches and also add or update any information that could be more helpful.


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