What Do The Different LED Lights On The Tithely Card Reader mean?

Interpreting the LED light signals on your Tithely Card Reader is essential for understanding its status and ensuring smooth transaction processes. This guide will help you quickly identify what each light pattern means so you can use your card reader with confidence.

LED Light Guide for Tithely Card Reader

  • No Light: The reader is off.
  • Flashing Blue Every Second: The reader is on and ready to connect to a device. It will automatically turn off after 5 minutes if not connected.
  • Multicolored Flashing (Magenta, Orange, Green): The reader has been discovered and is ready to connect.
  • Steady Blue: The reader is connected to a device.
  • Flashing Blue Every 5 Seconds: The reader is in standby mode and can remain so indefinitely.
  • Alternating Red and Magenta: The reader is currently charging.
  • Flashing Red: Indicates that the reader's battery is low.
  • Steady Green: Signifies that the reader is fully charged.
  • Rapidly Flashing Blue and Orange: Indicates the reader has completed installing a software update. If the reader is unresponsive post-update, a restart may be necessary.


Knowing these signals ensures that you can effectively manage your card reader's functionality and troubleshoot as needed.

Keep this guide handy for a quick reference to the Tithely Card Reader’s LED indicators.

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