Import Elvanto People Profiles into Tithely People

The article provides a step-by-step guide on importing Elvanto People Profiles into Tithely People, facilitating a smooth transition for churches moving their member data to the Tithely platform.

The Import from Elvanto tool in Tithely can be used to help limit double-entry on People profiles between Elvanto and Tithely People. By continuing to use Elvanto as the source of truth for all changes and updates to profiles, this tool can be used to add new records to Tithely People and keep previous records up to date when key information is changed.

Where Do I Find the Import From Elvanto Tool?

    1. Log into Tithely as an Admin.
    2. Select People.
    3. Click Add New at the top right. 
    4. Select the Import button at the top right. 
    5. Choose the Elvanto option from the dropdown.
    6. Enter (or paste) your Elvanto API Key.
      Admins can get the required API key by going to the Settings > API page within Elvanto.

Tithely Tip

Only active profiles will be added to People. Profiles that have been archived, marked as deceased or marked as contacts will not import.



Prior to using this tool, we recommend taking care of any duplicate records in Elvanto and Tithely People respectively.


How Does This Tool Work?

This tool is used to find all active people profiles in Elvanto (we purposefully exclude any profiles that have been marked as "Contacts" or "Deceased" within Elvanto), and we check the Tithely People database against it. We look to see:

    1. Have any of the profiles been brought into Tithely People previously?
      1. If yes, we update the profiles in Tithely People based on the data within Elvanto to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is stored in People. 
      2. If not, we will continue on to the next step. 
    2. We look for any profiles in Tithely People that have a matching First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. 
      1. If yes, we link the Elvanto profile to the matching Tithely People profile and update the Tithely People profile so that it has the most accurate and up-to-date information. 
      2. If not, we will continue on to the next step. 
    3. We add a new profile in Tithely People that is linked to the corresponding profile in Elvanto. 


There are no automatic connections between profiles in Tithely People and Elvanto. Links between profiles are only made so that the Import from Elvanto tool can continue to be used time and time again without creating duplicate records in Tithely People.


If I Make Changes to Profiles in Tithely People Will Those Changes Be Reflected in That Person’s Elvanto Profile?

No, Elvanto should continue to be treated as the source of truth, and all changes and updates to profiles should take place there first. We recommend updating profiles in Elvanto through your normal processes and then using the Import from Elvanto tool in Tithely to keep the two databases up to date.

If I Use the Import From Elvanto Option Multiple Times, Will It Create Duplicates?

No, this tool has been created to be used multiple times without creating duplicate records.

What Fields Are Brought Over From Elvanto Into Tithely People?

When you use the Import from Elvanto option we will bring the following information into Tithely People from your Elvanto profiles:

  • Name (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name)
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone
  • Other Phone
  • Home Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital Status
  • Anniversary Date
  • Gender
  • School Grade

What Should I Do if I Have Duplicate Records but Want to Use the Import From Elvanto Tool?

Our best practice recommendation for managing duplicates while using the Import from Elvanto tool is to:
  1. Start in Elvanto and ensure you merge all duplicates in that database first.
    For more information see How to Merge Duplicate People in Elvanto.
  2. Next, log into Tithely People and merge all duplicate records that you see in that database.
    For more information see Merging Duplicates in Tithely People.
  3. Use the Import from Elvanto tool.

What Do I Do if a Duplicate Record for the Same Person Keeps Coming Back When I Use the Import From Elvanto Options?

If a duplicate profile keeps being created for the same person in Tithely People (after using the Import from Elvanto option), it is likely that a previous "Merge Duplicate" action in Tithely People deleted the profile that should be attached to an Elvanto profile. Have no worries, though, this is easy to fix! 
  1. Verify in Elvanto that there is only one profile for this person. 
  2. Run the Import from Elvanto tool in Tithely People. 
  3. Go to Tithely People > Merge Duplicates page.
    (For more information see Merging Duplicates in Tithely People.)
  4. Find the person's profile that keeps duplicating and click their duplicate record. 
  5. Give preference to the profile that has the "Created On" date of today. This will ensure that the profile that is kept is tied to the single profile that exists in Elvanto.
  6. Click Merge Duplicates
  7. Repeat for any other recurring duplicates.
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