App Graphic Dimensions and Examples



Square Icon Layout

Squares with a background color


768px x 768px


Where you click "About Us" and "Events"


Banner Image

851px x 315px

Feature Tile

Largest “large” tile


Feature Tile 1536px x 1024px, Full Tile, Half Tile

1536px x 1024px

Full Tile

Large tiles that go across the whole screen

Example: See Image under Feature Tile

1536px x 768px

Half Tile

“Stacked tiles” layout, 2 images per row

Example: See Image under Feature Tile

768px x 512px

Third Tile

“Stacked tiles” layout, 3 images per row


Feature Tile, Half Tile, Third Tile 12px x 512px

512px x 512px

Feature Vertical Cards


1536px x 864px

Dev Launch Screen

Dev Launch Screen

1827px x 2436px
* Please make sure whatever logo or text that is used is given to us in a separate file that way we can make sure that is proportionate through all sizes.

Slide Out Cards

Top Left Menu


Slide Out Cards

849px x 441px for the image with our design/text already on it (the default for how the cards show up)

OR 1142px x 1869px for the full card


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