App Graphic Dimensions and Examples

Explore the essential graphic dimensions and examples for your church app with our guide. This article provides detailed insights into sizing requirements for various app graphics, ensuring a polished and professional appearance. Discover examples and guidelines for icons, banners, and other visuals to enhance your app's visual appeal. Elevate your app's design and user experience by following these recommendations. Optimize your church app's visuals with the correct dimensions and examples provided in this article.



Square Icon Layout

Squares with a background color


768px x 768px


Where you click "About Us" and "Events"


Banner Image

851px x 315px

Feature Tile

Largest “large” tile


Feature Tile 1536px x 1024px, Full Tile, Half Tile

1536px x 1024px

Full Tile

Large tiles that go across the whole screen

Example: See Image under Feature Tile

1536px x 768px

Half Tile

“Stacked tiles” layout, 2 images per row

Example: See Image under Feature Tile

768px x 512px

Third Tile

“Stacked tiles” layout, 3 images per row


Feature Tile, Half Tile, Third Tile 12px x 512px

512px x 512px

Feature Vertical Cards


1536px x 864px

Dev Launch Screen

Dev Launch Screen

1827px x 2436px
* Please make sure whatever logo or text that is used is given to us in a separate file that way we can make sure that is proportionate through all sizes.

Slide Out Cards

Top Left Menu


Slide Out Cards

849px x 441px for the image with our design/text already on it (the default for how the cards show up)

OR 1142px x 1869px for the full card


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