What Are Default Images?

Default Images are images you upload to be used throughout the site when one is not available. If you upload over one image for a type, one will be chosen at random.

How to Upload Default Images

  1. Login to your Tithely account and select Sites from the left menu. Or login to your site directly.
  2. Click on the Admin button at the top right of your website and select Design from the dropdown.
  3. Select Default Images from the left menu.
  4. Click Add Default Image button.
  5. Upload images you want to be used when one is not available. If you upload more than one image for a given type one will be chosen at random.
  6. Click Save Default Image button

Default Image Types/Locations

  • Global images appear in all locations if no default has been uploaded to the specific location

  • Header images appear at the top of all pages

  • Blog Post

  • Event

  • News Post

  • Program

  • Series

  • Sermon

  • User

User Permissions needed to access Sites
Account Owner, Admin, Limited Acess User with permissions granted for Sites, or Admin Permissions granted directly on the Tithely Site. If you have additional questions, please reference this article.